Does that sound normal?

by Richard Reichelt
in Technical updates
15 Oct 2015  |  0 Comments

Hi Folks

We sometimes get asked, " Why are Irwin wheels louder that my normal wheels, when I free-wheel?" It's a good question.

The Irwin freehub comes with 6 pawls. Pawls are the little spring loaded pieces of high grade alloy that click against the ratchet of the hub body when you free wheel. When you start to pedal, the pre-loaded pawl then spring out and engages the ratchet giving you that forward drive.

Now why would you have 6 instead of 3? Great question. Having 6 means that when you are free-wheeling and then start to pedal, the engagement is instant. Normally, there may be a little 'lag' with 3-pawl hubs. This is something that you really appreciate when you start using it. We've even softened the springs so that the friction is less than a normal hub which may be far more tightly sprung.

We've has several reviewers make comment about how positive the engagement is with the Irwin 6-pawl, 60 ratchet system. In fact one reviewer thought his original hubs were faulty after using the Irwin hubs - which is a lovely compliment.

If you want to soften the tone of the clicks a little, just grab some of your favourite high quality bike grease and give it a little dab. This has the effect of dulling the volume just a bit.

So if you hear double the 'clicks' when you use your Irwin wheels, you'll be safe in the knowledge they are about to launch you instantly when you put the gas down.





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